Ballet Folklórico Nacional

The Ballet Folklórico Nacional debuted the 9th of July, 1990, at Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, under the direction of Santiago Ayala and Norma Viola.

Since then, this company of 37 dancers offers performances with an artistic concept and staging of myths, customs, stories, and legends maintaining the essence of Argentina.

Along this path of some twenty years, the Ballet Folklórico Nacional was under the direction of master teachers Norma and Nydia Viola, and Eduardo Rodriguez Arguibel.  Today its director is professor Omar Fiordelmondo.

The Ballet Folklórico Nacional had great success in Spain participating in the Expo Sevilla, and in Portugal, Bulgaria, Colombia, Brasil, Paraguay and Chile.

During 1999 they toured 23 cities in Japan.  In 2000 they represented Argentina in the opening of the Klik Expo Klik in Tirana, Albania.  And during 2002 gave 44 performances in an international tour including cities in France, Switzerland, and Spain.  They received an invitation to the International Festival Cevantino of Guanajuato, Mexico in 2003.

During 2010, they celebrated the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Ballet Folklórico Nacional with many special performances including a tribute to the original directors.

The 2011 season of Ballet Folklórico Nacional in Teatro Nacional Cervantes staged the premiere of the work “Juan Moreira,” under the direction of Leonard Cacho Napoli, choreography by Margarita Fernandez and original music by Luis Maria Serra and Pocho Leyes, later presented  in Danza Libre XXI in the provinces of Corrientes and Chaco, in Teatro El Circulo in Rosario, Santa Fe, and recorded for television.

In its 2012 season, the Ballet Folklórico Nacional presented “Noche de Carnaval,” by maestro Leonardo Cuello.

Under the direction of professor Omar Fiordelmondo, the 2013 season included the Festival Nacional del Malambo in Laborde, the Festival International and National Training and Folklore, the 23rd Fiesta Nacional and the 9th Fiesta del Chamamé.  The regular series of performances were at Teatro del Globo in the city of Buenos Aires.

They opened the 2014 season at the Festival Nacional de Folklore in Cosquín, with a full schedule of performances around the country, bringing the art of Argentine dance to many cities.

The closest the company has been to the United States is Mexico.  I feel that a tour in the USA is long overdue.  I saw performances in 2008 and 2009 at the National Music and Dance Center in San Telmo and the Noche de Carnaval at Teatro Cervantes in 2012.  I’ve seen two performances this year already at Teatro del Globo in Buenos Aires, and I plan to attend another on August 30.  The Secretary of Culture funds the company, so all their performances are free and open to the public.  Tango is a national folk dance of Argentina that is always on the program.


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