The youngest milonguero I know

Milongueros know how to make their dance flow.  They have an amazing ear for the music and know each orchestra and its singers.  They mark every movement subtly and clearly using the entire body. They create emotional variations and pleasure with simple elements in a warm embrace.  They dance for themselves and their partners, not for those watching.  They respect the codes of the milonga.

Miguel Angel Balbi defines a milonguero as a self-taught dancer of tango with his own style who dances with any woman and makes her happy dancing elegantly and accompanied.  These styles aren’t learned in different tango schools.  They are different forms of feeling and showing the dance.

All the above is true about the youngest milonguero I know.  He was a milonguero-in-training for only twelve days in June 2013, while dancing in the milongas of Buenos Aires after only a few months of social dancing.   He returned to his country where he devoted himself to listening to the music.  Lessons were not on his agenda.  He began providing the music at the local milongas where he observed the dancing from the DJ booth.  He developed his personal style.

He came again this year in June to Buenos Aires.  He knows the music and selects his partners for the orchestra.  His tango is the result of his connection to the music.  He dances with great feeling because he knows the music — every nuance, every phrase.  His dancing is effortless.  His embrace is gentle.  He dances in the moment.  Every milonguera was happy dancing with him.  While in Buenos Aires, he adopted the life style of the milongueros by sleeping very late and dancing until dawn, and ordering champagne, not water, in the milongas.  He earned that front-row center table in Lo de Celia.

After one year, this young milonguero-in-training became a milonguero at 23.  I danced with him last year and this year.  I heard him talk about the music.  I saw him invite the  milongueras and make them happy.  He proves that knowing the music is the most important thing for dancing well.

The youngest milonguero I know is Jamie of Hong Kong.  He is beginning his new career as a lawyer, with tango in his heart and soul.




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