Mario Papasaba

March 16, 1940 —


I saw him at his usual table in Lo de Celia when I arrived last Sunday.  I took out my camera and walked over to greet him. He told me “it’s been 14 months since I was here.”  A second hip replacement surgery and therapy kept him out of commission for a long time.   He was able to get to the milonga, thanks to another milonguero who gave him a ride; Mario doesn’t want to ride the buses anymore.  His son-in-law came to bring him home, which isn’t a short trip.

I could hardly wait for the Troilo tanda.  It’s the one I always danced with Mario.  After the first dance, he wanted to know how it felt for me.  Honestly, it was better than ever.  He put on a few pounds around the middle, but intends to work them off.  The limp he had for the longest time was gone.  It was a thrill dancing with Mario again.

Now all he has to do is arrange transportation every Sunday so he can attend regularly.


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