DSCN5966 Somebody at the geriatric put his wool cap in the washing machine, and of course, it shrank.  I was happy to find this cap for Alito recently at a Feria Americana.  It fits perfectly.  I tried it on, and he chuckled because it doesn’t fit my head. I went to see him yesterday afternoon and was told that I can’t enter the geriatric home to visit him.  What a shock that was after visiting three or four times weekly for two years.  If I can’t convince his power of attorney Amanda to move Alito to another facility, I won’t see him again.   The owners are only concerned with running a business, not giving care and medical attention to the elderly. DSCN5962 I bring him to the window for fresh air and sunshine where he does some exercises before we walk and dance together.  I’m a firm believer that if you don’t use it, you lose it.  Too many of the 36 residents spend their days and nights in bed or tied to a wheel chair.  I want to keep Alito active so he’s not one of them. Many in the milongas ask me about Alito, so I’ve shared the latest news that the owners of the geriatric no longer allow me to enter for visits.  This has turned my attention to finding his daughter Sandra Veronica Candamil.  Several years ago I found a site that searches for information for a very small fee.  It was worth a try, so I entered her name and DNI which is easy to find on the internet.  I paid the 30 pesos for the service and a few hours later I had some information.  I was totally surprised to see an address for her in the city, only 14 blocks from where I live and on the same street.  The apartment number isn’t correct according to the door bells, but I went to ring a few.  No one answered.  Later I found the building janitor’s phone number on the internet and called him.  If anyone knew her, he would.  No luck again.  He didn’t recognize the last name.  Back to square one and more searching.



6 Responses to “Alito”

  1. michaela reisinger Says:

    You are a wonderful friend!

  2. jantango Says:

    My days are planned around my visits with Alito. I love him so much.

  3. Michael Says:

    Very sad to read about Alito’s condition – – and you can’t help him – – AFTER everything you have done for him.

  4. jantango Says:

    The owners of the geriatric say that I brought food for his lunch. That was the problem, although residents order food for themselves all the time. They don’t care for the food served. The staff on duty was so flustered about it that a call was made to the administrator at home for her consent. She gave it. I asked Alito which he preferred for lunch — pizza or lentil stew. He wanted the latter which I cooked for him. When you know that breakfast consists of hot powdered milk and a chunk of white bread, that lunch is cold water, a chunk of white bread, and thick pizza dough with almost nothing on top (Saturdays only), and then an afternoon snack that’s the same as breakfast, you know that a diet of mostly bread misses any nutrition standards. Bread contains sugar, something Alito should eat sparingly since he is diabetic. The staff is clueless about this. One woman insisted he eat the white bread, even though I brought a slice of whole wheat cereal bread. The supposedly have a nutritionist who plans the meals.

    My more serious concern is Alito getting fresh air, sunlight and exercise daily so his muscles don’t atrophy.

  5. Aurore Says:

    This is terrible news, you’re the only person to visit him and take care of him. I hope you can talk to the owners or the administrators and convince them that you help them rather than get in their way.
    I send you my most positive thoughts

  6. jantango Says:

    I’ve written the administrator of geriatrics in the city about this matter. The doctor has forgotten the oath he swore to uphold – putting the patient’s needs first. He has forgotten why he established the geriatric in 1979. It’s now all about money. The reason I am not allowed to enter has nothing to do with Alito’s wellbeing.

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