Yesterday and today are holidays in Argentina for Dia de Carnaval.  Children are about ready to return to school this week after three months of vacation.  Teachers usually go on strike for a salary increase which delays school openings.  Carnaval is the last party night for all.

Carnaval means dozens of street vendors are selling aerosol cans of white foam.  Kids are covered with it and having a ball spraying their friends.

Carnaval brings out the Murga dancers in their elaborate costumes.  The corner of Boedo and Carlos Calvo was the scene last night.  I arrived just in time to maneuver through the crowd and find a spot in front of the stage where Ariel Ardit and his Orquesta Tipica performed while a few couples danced tango on the street.  He featured the compositions of Anibal Troilo from his latest compact disc.  This was another preview of what’s in store for the Troilo Centennial in July.

Ariel Ardit commented how tango as popular music should be available to the public in more free concerts.  That got a big round of applause.


One Response to “Carnaval”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Tango has been a huge part of carnaval since day one. There are seemingly countless tangos whose lyrics reference carnaval… of seeing the other for the first time at carnaval, of life being a carnaval, a neighborhood being like carnaval etc. With the exception of, perhaps New Orleans, USA has greatly diminished the whole lenten bacchanal thing and reduced it to, at best, getting drunk without much else, especially dancing, thrown in to the mix. I dread St. Patricks day, for instance. I’m of Irish descent and I find it, the way it works in USA, insulting. I long every time I hear the tangos referencing a night of dancing during carnaval to be in a city that truly has carnaval as an integral part of its culture.

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