We are just not here anymore

I see mothers pushing strollers without any attention on their babies because they’re busy reading messages on a digital device.  I’ve noticed families at restaurants for a meal together where each one had an electronic device in hand connected with someone else.  The family dinner is with those who aren’t even seated at the table.  And people prefer to check for new messages during a milonga instead of listening to the music or watching the dancing.

Thanks to all the electronic devices available today, people are interacting more with those who are elsewhere and less with those around them.  It’s sad that technology is taking people away from the present moment.  The idea of being present in the moment is losing importance in daily life.  It’s often more important to chat with a distant acquaintance electronically than be with the person in the same room.

Is there real connection with someone in cyberspace?  Is connecting with someone electronically more fulfilling than being present with a friend or loved one?

When one is dancing in the arms of another, there is no better place than here and now.


3 Responses to “We are just not here anymore”

  1. Stefano Says:

    Sacred words!
    By the way I can read you only by an electronic device!
    Technology is useful but we have to know when and where to use it.
    When we enter in milonga it’s better to leave our phones out !
    It’s a form of respect or, otherwise, a sign of stupidity… Ciao!

  2. Itgetsworse Says:

    I’ve seen an instructor (the milonga host) dance his partner close enough to the table where his phone was located, reach out, grab it and read his messages! This was not in BsAs. I gathered my things and left at that point.

  3. Chris Says:

    There are a few guys around here who dance with their phones on their belts and I’ve actually seen one of them respond to a ring by walking off the floor to take the call.

    Re Stefano’s “Technology is useful but we have to know when and where to use it.”, how long before some mischievous person gets the idea of simultaneously calling all the phones on the dance floor… 🙂

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