School days

I remember going to Friday night dances during my high school years in Chicago.  I knew how to dance because my parents were social dancers, and I watched American Bandstand on television.  There were no dance lessons for teenagers in those days, so the boys didn’t know how to dance.  Shuffling their feet around while they held a girl close was all they wanted or could do.  They were shy about inviting the girls to dance, which meant the girls had to wait for them to get up the courage to walk over and invite them for a dance.


The boys watched the girls, and the girls watched the boys.  They waited for the right moment and music when they hoped the girls would accept their invitations.  Two boys might even decide together who they wanted to invite.  The more courageous boy volunteered to walk over and invite a girl for his friend at the same time he invited one for himself.  Then, if successful, he signaled to his friend that she had accepted his invitation.  The other boy then could cross the floor to meet the girl for the dance.  Their game plan worked, and both boys got to dance with the girls they wanted.

Much to my amazement, I observed this scene last week at Lo de Celia Tango Club where an invitation is done by head movement.


One Response to “School days”

  1. Chris Says:

    🙂 Let’s never forget: it’s natural!

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