Small talk

Brief chat between dances

I read the following in milonga etiquette article on a North American web site:

In between songs, talking is fine (in fact some would say small talk is almost obligatory).

Hold your horses!  Those who believe small talk is obligatory on the dance floor aren’t really interested in the music, which is the reason we dance.

obligatory:  required by a law or rule;  always or often included as a familiar and expected part of something.

A friend told me about a woman who dances every tanda for hours without fail.  Between dances she tells every partner the details of her life.  Her private life is common knowledge among the men of the milonga.  One man was overheard telling another that he should make his move when she didn’t have a boyfriend.  Those who have many years of experience in the milongas know that one’s life is left at the door, and a private exchange between dances is about the music.

Another web site offered a better suggestion:

Save the conversation for when the music stops.

When does the music stop? At the end of the milonga.  That’s the time for conversation in another place.

Let’s stop the small talk and listen to the music.


One Response to “Small talk”

  1. sonia Says:

    If everyone stops his/her smalltalk would be a good example even for the ones at the tables. So much noise these days during the tandas. How can you find inspiration and feel the right moment in a continuous chattering mode?

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