Are you fit to dance tango?

My friend John makes a good point — you need a level of fitness for tango just as any sport.  Dance classes aren’t where you get fit, they’re were those who are fit take class. The problem for so many adults is that they aren’t fit, so they have problems with balance, endurance, etc.  Social dancing is like any sport — it requires practice for improvement.  Adults who attend dance classes don’t dedicate time to practicing.  That’s why dance teachers begin classes with exercises that prepare one for the physical demands of dance.  The body is your instrument in dance, so keep it tuned.  Those with no dance training as adults are like toddlers learning to walk.

Life in the United States (as I remember it)  is not the most helpful for being fit.  Daily life centers around work that is usually sedentary.  One walks from home to the garage (seated for hours in a car), then from the car to the office, with little or no walking during the day.  I notice the results of this lifestyle in photos from two sisters.

If you’re not walking daily, it’s not doing any good for your social dancing.  Walking will help your posture and endurance, build strength in your legs and feet.  The result is something you’ll feel on the dance floor.  So get out of your chair and move.

John in Lo de Celia Tango Club


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