What’s on the menu?

What is your dining preference for restaurants?  Fixed menu or buffet style?  I like a buffet where I can see all the prepared food and make my selections right then and there (improvise).  It takes me forever to read a menu and make a decision about what to order.  Often I let my dining partner order from a menu, and we share it.

Maybe you are a person who doesn’t want to be told what to eat, even if a doctor or nutritionist made recommendations for a special diet.  Is there anyone who wants to be told what they have to eat every day without any freedom of choice?

Dance classes are like eating from a menu prepared by a chef with his own style of regional cooking.  Chefs studied and perfected their recipes which they serve at weekly meals for their students.  They don’t get to choose from a menu.  They have to eat every dish prepared by the chef whether they like it or not.  They don’t know what the next meal will be.  They don’t know if it will be satisfying or healthful, but they pay for it just the same because they have confidence in their chef.  The chef is a master who knows what his students want, but not always what they need to eat.

The chef’s recipes are digested and committed to memory for use in the next meal.  Some students get indigestion depending on the number of courses in the meal.  Others are left hungry for the next meal without any digestion.

A step menu is choreographed, prepared in advance.  A buffet is improvised in the moment.


One Response to “What’s on the menu?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Nice article.

    Is there anyone who wants to be told what they have to eat every day without any freedom of choice?

    Someone who doesn’t much care for food?? 🙂

    And then there are those restaurants that in the middle of the evening ask all the diners to stop eating so to spend ten minutes watching someone else show off his/her highly-trained eating abilities…

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