Pedro Alberto Rusconi

January 9, 1936 – January 7, 2010

Tete wrote an open letter to dancers and teachers (January 9, 2006). I still have the copy he handed me in Sociedad Nazionale Italiana, Alsina 1465.

I believe that many are disguising tango as something that it isn’t. Tango is music, and it doesn’t begin with steps.  We shouldn’t commit the mistake of not teaching how to walk different musical rhythms to recognize each orchestra.  Many who are teaching have to learn how to dance tango first, then give everything in order not to cheat their students or damage their reputation as teachers.

Tango isn’t a business, although many see it as such.  Tango is part of our lives, part of our grandparents, fathers, mothers, brothers, and friends. It is our life.   We shouldn’t fool ourselves, and we have to return to regain it. We are losing tango when we don’t respect it.

And to the tango community in Europe and the rest of the world, I give my counsel:  I would like you to open your eyes to learn to dance; and to the organizers of workshops and the teachers, with all my affection, I want you to know that when you organize something, try to bring the best dancers and teachers to teach as tango ought to be taught.  Without the music, the cadence, posture, and balance, the steps are nothing and for that we need authentic masters and teachers.

Rosanna Remon y Pedro Rusconi

You can read the complete letter here.


2 Responses to “Pedro Alberto Rusconi”

  1. Chris Says:

    Thanks Janis. I suggest it would be good to publish also the original language version, for the record. Ideally, a scan.

  2. jantango Says:

    Good idea, Chris. I’ve added a link to the original text.

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