The milonga Lujos declared cultural interest

On December 13, 2013, in the Salon Dorado of Congress, Lucia Serra and Oscar Kotic received an award from the House of Representatives for their milonga Lujos, celebrating ten years.  This is the presentation followed by dancing.


4 Responses to “The milonga Lujos declared cultural interest”

  1. John Says:

    Excellent news! Glad for Oscar, who is always so welcoming and friendly, and Lujos really reflects this.

  2. jantango Says:

    I find it interesting that you didn’t include Lucia in your comment. I attended their opening in Lo de Celia and didn’t get any welcome from either one; in fact I was told by Lucia to find a table myself. When they added Sunday at Maipu 444, I went only once. I had to wait ten minutes for Lucia to finish dancing a tanda to be escorted to a table in the back corner. I didn’t dance once in two hours and never returned. Their milonga is known to be snobbish by many portenos who prefer Lo de Celia for its hospitality.

  3. Patricia Says:

    So sorry to hear of your experience, Janis. Like John, I have always been warmly welcomed by Oscar and Lucia. I count Lujos as one of my favourite milongas and am delighted with their news,

  4. jantango Says:

    Fame has its price. The 50-peso entrada is nothing for foreigners with dollars or Euros to spend, and the locals get in free.

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