Carlos Alberto Anzuate

May 21, 1930 – August 2013

Carlos Anzuate

It has taken me days to write this post.  The last time Carlos and I had a phone conversation was July 9, Argentine Independence Day.  After his wife died, he would call me almost every week for a long conversation, but things changed in 2013 when his memory was failing him.  I continued calling him, but there was no answer at home.  His son moved in with him about a year ago, but he traveled often for work with a rock band.  Carlos had to manage his life alone.  He wasn’t going to dance and hardly ate. I thought there would come a time when Carlos could live with Alito at the geriatric home.

I left a message for  Ofelia on her birthday, October 30, asking about Carlos.  If anyone knew about Carlos, it was Ofelia.  She called him every day.  That’s what friends are for.  Ofelia called me the next day to say that Carlos is gone.  She said he died in August, but she didn’t know the exact date.  He was found five days later by his son Claudio, who isn’t answering the phone or my emails.

It was my privilege to know Carlos Alberto Anzuate.  He called me viejita.  We talked so many hours by phone and shared a table at Club Glorias Argentinas on Saturday nights.  He said many times that he didn’t think of me as a friend, but as a sister.  The last time I saw him was December 2012 in Salon Canning.



One Response to “Carlos Alberto Anzuate”

  1. tangobob Says:

    I read this with a tear in my eye. Thanks to you, I too had the privilege of meeting Carlos. Buenos Aires will be a poorer place without him. RIP Carlos, the angels will be dancing with you tonight.

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