Simmer down

That’s what a friend said to me the other day while we were having something to eat after the milonga.  I thought I was talking calmly, but he didn’t see me that way.  Just simmer down, he said with a smile.  I’ve been pondering his advice in those two words for days.

The literal meaning is to decrease in intensity.  Figuratively it means for someone to become calm or less agitated.  Americans use the expressions calm down, chill out, cool it, or settle down.

Tango requires us to simmer down.  And that’s not easy for those who live in the fast lane in other countries.  They dance with intensity that partners feel.  It takes time to simmer down to the slow pace of Buenos Aires.  As my friend commented, tango is therapy.


4 Responses to “Simmer down”

  1. Matias Says:

    Nice, i do agree tango and the milonga environment makes us quite serene and contemplative in some sorts of ways. But people not acquainted with our city might think and believe Buenos Aires is a relaxed and slow going place, when in fact is not so, don’t you think?

  2. Matias Says:

    That’s why milongueros are a different strand of porteños than the mainstream porteño, it’s the tango therapy.

  3. jantango Says:

    The pace of life in Buenos Aires is slower than the USA. That’s one of many things I enjoy about living here.

    When friends come for a visit, then need days to adjust to the slower pace. When they do, it’s about time to return to the rat race of work, work, work.

  4. Bob Says:

    Intensity can also be defined as “with strong feeling or passion” I can be intense and I can dance with intensity. I hope my partner does not tell me to “simmer down” In my opinion, one can be peaceful and serene, and still be intense. For me, it is about being in the moment.

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