Complaints in the milonga

DSCN5607I came across this article in the June 2000 issue of B.A. Tango magazine, and read it for the first time a few days ago.  The author is Claudia Grinbank, a regular at Lo de Celia who gave me her permission to publish this rough translation of her thoughts.

I often hear comments like: how old and ugly are the milongueros , they should go home, or the low intellectual level that dominates it.

In this regard, I say that ugly old gentlemen are everywhere but, unlike many, these men make me feel immense pleasure to dance with them. Many of us women are sensible  to use makeup because we’re not exactly cute and young.

If we talk about it, I wonder if I would be empty before going to the dance?

It is true that the milonga is not a meeting of intellectuals; for that there are courses, conferences, etc., But the milonga enriches humanity with different experiences.

Also in the milonga are some gentlemen who make comments about women, such as: “Overall, every creature that walks goes to the grill.” These gentlemen forget that women are not bugs (although some are ugly) , but even if we are, all living creatures deserve respect.

These gentlemen are the same as in the milonga who forget discretion, commitment, and sometimes neglecting their desires.  There are those who believe that women are trophies.

Why not think that one is going to the dance to have fun, to meet friends, to dance, to embrace and be embraced?

Because the milonga stimulates the illusion of love, and if something keeps us standing still in this world, it’s an aggressive and cruel illusion.

What do we expect from the milonga? The error is believing it to be something it isn’t.


One Response to “Complaints in the milonga”

  1. Carol Conway Says:

    Please extend my thanks to Claudia Grinbank for her excellent article. Gracias…

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