Felix Picherna

La Milonga de los Consagrados began at Italia Unita during 1999.  The musicalizador was Felix Picherna.  He sat at a little table on the stage with his box of cassette tapes.  You knew what was coming next because Felix announced the tandas with great ceremony.  I didn’t know that was the way it was done years ago in the confiterias downtown.  I should have paid closer attention.  Felix announced, let’s dance to … and then the titles of each tune in the tanda.  Others were probably paying attention to him, but I wasn’t.

A year or so later Felix went to Italy to work in the milongas.  In May 2001, I visited Rome.  The first night I arrived, my B&B hostess took me to a milonga.  Lo and behold, there was Felix handling the music.  Two weeks later when I arrived in Milan, there was Felix at the helm of the milonga, announcing each tanda as he always did in Buenos Aires.  He traveled from one city to another where he was hired by a milonga organizer and slept on the train.  As far as I know, Felix is still living in Italy and working at the milongas.

Yesterday, I found Tango Felix that previews a new book of photographs.  Felix is in a class by himself with 55 years as musicalizador.  Two Italians compiled a well-deserved tribute.



4 Responses to “Felix Picherna”

  1. Chris Says:

    I can just about endure Felix’s tedious and redundant commentary before each tanda. But I can’t endure his commentary during and over the music. I’d go to another DJ Felix milonga only if the organiser promised his microphone has been confiscated.

  2. Daniela from Bologna (Italy) Says:

    Hola Janis! No, Felix doesn’t live in Italy anymore, last year he had serious health problems and definitely returned to Buenos Aires. I take advantage of the occasion to thank you for this blog and for all the videos you post on Youtube, I have been following you for years!

  3. jantango Says:

    Thanks, Daniela. I didn’t know Felix returned to Buenos Aires. And thanks for following the blog.

  4. Pablo Stafforini Says:

    There is an interesting documentary about Felix Picherna called Esta es mi vida: A Taste of Tango. It is partly available on YouTube.

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