Tickets, please

The organizers need to keep an account of how many dancers enter their milonga.  Each place has limit set by city inspectors.  Therefore, numbered tickets are handed out at the door.  Each milonga has its own way of doing things.  Here is a sampling of tickets and how to keep things straight.  You can enter a milonga with as many as three tickets in hand — one for the entrada, one for a sorteo, and one for your coat check.

This is an old ticket from Milonga de los Consagrados.  The ticket is numbered for control, and the attached ticket is for the sorteo.  A sorteo is a raffle drawing which can be anything from a bottle of champagne, a pizza, CD, or free entrada for next week.


The cashier collects payment for admission in pesos at the entrance and hands you a numbered ticket.  This one for El Arranque is ENTRADA DAMAS (color pink).  A corner is torn off by the person at the door and you keep the ticket for the sorteo.


There are organizers who offer a discount entrada to their regular patrons.  You show the business card for the milonga to the cashier when paying the admission and retained for further use.  The one below indicates “especial” signed by the organizer.  It means a discounted entrada for the holder.


Another way of offering a discount is with a card for entrada preferencial.  It was given to me by Oscar Hector for his Saturday night milonga and the reverse side indicates a 2 for 1 entrada.


The tickets are numbered like this one for El Maipu given by the cashier and then presented to the organizer who takes a part of the ticket for the sorteo.  You keep the ticket for the sorteo.


Others give a separate numbered ticket for the sorteo at the milonga.


Nino Bien, which closed earlier this year, included a glass of champagne in the price of admission years ago.


Mario, the cashier of Lo de Celia, gives you one of these green tickets that you give to the hostess Jimena when you enter the salon because there is no sorteo.  Olga gives you a number when you check your coat.


This is only a small sampling of the tickets for the milongas.



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