Taking care of Alito


This was the fifth time in 16 months that Alito passed out at the geriatric home.  One of the nurses found him and revived him; a few more minutes and he would have been gone.  I was called within minutes and arrived within the hour.  Alito was checked over by an emergency team and taken by ambulance to the public hospital for observation and tests.


I’m not a morning person, but I got up early to be at the hospital every day by 10:00 to take care of Alito for ten days.  Medical students do their four-year residencies at this hospital where they gave Alito excellent attention.  He has no family so I was there to put drops in his eyes and make sure he ate lunch.  He never complains about anything and is always happy.  That’s why it’s my pleasure to take care of him.  He is occupied for hours as long as he has something to read.


Alito returned today to the geriatric home in Caballito.  I know he is happy to be back.



One Response to “Taking care of Alito”

  1. The Accidental Tangoiste Says:

    Best thoughts to him and you, Jan!

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