Ismael Heljalil

August 30, 1929 —

Jantango & Ismael

We were talking at the bus stop one night after the milonga.  I mentioned the shoes he was wearing for the milonga, and he said he has many pairs that aren’t comfortable for dancing.   I asked him what size he wears.  He said 39, the same size as Alito.  I told Ismael that I had three pairs of shoes that Alito no longer wears  and asked if he would he be interested in them.  A few days later I brought along two pairs of Alito’s shoes for Ismael to try.  The next time we danced at Lo de Celia, he asked me to look at the shoes he was wearing.  They were Alito’s brown shoes.  He was so pleased, and so was I.  The other pair was too large for him, but I had another pair of black shoes I brought the following week.  The day of this photo at La Nacional, Ismael was wearing Alito’s black shoes.   His smile said it all.  They are only three and a half months apart in age.  Ismael knows Alito since 1947 at La Pista de Lima.



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