Watch the finals live from Luna Park!!!!

There is a live feed of the tango de pista finals.  They began a few minutes ago.  The stage finals will be on tomorrow night at 19 hs. BA Time.  There are interruptions in the live feed, but it’s better than nothing.  I saw three of the four rondas for tango de pista; then something happened with the feed or my computer.  I missed the ronda I wanted to see most with the senior city champions.

I predicted that a Russian couple and/or a Chinese couple would place in the top five, but I was wrong They have to pay their dues like all the others and compete again.  The top prize of 40,000 pesos went to Argentines.  The 2013 Tango de Pista Champions are Maximilliano Cristiani and Jesica Arfenoni.  According to online videos, they have danced together for seven months.  Maximilliano was the city tango champion in 2012 with former partner Fatima VitaleJesica Arfenoni is a former partner of Roberto Zuccarino, producer and dancer of Tango y nada mas.  And you all thought that changing partners occurred only in classes.

It was no surprise that the triple crown city champions of 2013 placed second among the top five.  The Venezuelan couple placed fourth, and the Milongueros del Mundo champions placed fifth.  Both couples perform on stage.

The judges were: Melina Brufman, Lorena Ermocida, Ana Maria Schapira, Elina Roldan, Pancho Martinez Pey, Miguel Angel Zotto, and Ernesto Hector “El Flaco Dany” Garcia.  The only judge who teaches a social style AND dances in the milongas is El Flaco Dany.

They posted scores (fifth to first), but I don’t believe them for one  second.  There is a person in charge of manipulating the scores: 8.35 – 8.357 – 8.364 – 8.514 – 8.521   The winners are selected and scoring has nothing to do with the outcome.  If they ever show the scores for each couple after every ronda, then and only then will I believe they are real scores.

Don’t miss the stage finals.  It’s another great show from a ring-side seat at home of the stage of Luna Park.  Corporacion Tango put on a great show tonight for their tenth anniversary.



A Russian couple didn’t place in tango de pista, but one did in tango de enscenario.  Dmitry Vasin and Esmer Omerova were so elegant and one of my favorites.  Another favorite was Juan Pablo Bulich and Rocio Garcia Liendo who placed third.  They danced a very creative performance to La ultima curda by Hugo Diaz.  The champions are Guido Palacios and Florencia Zarate Castilla, who were finalists for the last two years.


3 Responses to “Watch the finals live from Luna Park!!!!”

  1. paymentmatters Says:

    So now, with the dust beginning to settle, what do you say are the good and bad influences of the Mundial on Tango, Jan? We did see the salon winners performance, live, this morning. it seemed like a moderately good demonstration / performance. As usual, terrible posture and technique for dancing Tango, though we accept it is a show. Do you call this a particular “style”, or is it performance? Cheers, John

  2. jantango Says:

    The world competition has turned into a commercial enterprise for the city which doesn’t support the milongas. The Mundial de Tango is all about attracting foreign visitors and launching the career of a young couple who have proved themselves worthy to the judges. Maximilliano Cristiani and Jesica Arfenoni already have a tour in the USA planned. A friend told me they are scheduled for his little town in February 2014. They are not new to touring the world for teaching and performing. A search for their names on YouTube results in a long list of videos. This is all part of “paying ones dues” before winning the title.

    If we looked at videos from previous years of competition, we would see a difference in the dancing. Today, even the way the couples get together in the embrace is more like they do on stage than in the milongas. There may be a few key teachers who are directing these changes. All I know is when I see a couple stand close and he puts his hands on her waist, I have to wonder where they got that idea. Certainly, not from the milonga or milongueros viejos. The strange thing is that every couple does this. Some probably copy Sebastian and Maria Inez to get ahead. All the men place the hand in the center of the woman’s back so they look like they’re afraid to hold one another for three minutes. They embrace first and then find the free hand second; it’s the reverse in the milongas. All the women bury their noses in the man’s cheek with eyes closed. This is copied from stage tango without questioning if it’s appropriate for tango de pista/salon. The worst part for me is all the flexed feet in stilettos that add nothing to this elegant dance, but it’s the latest style that teachers are selling and women are buying. Ugly! All the men point their toes, something you will NEVER see a milonguero do! So what do I call this particular “style?” Contrived, all about the look and nothing about feeling the music, and missing the mark by a mile. The Villa Urquiza camp has conquered the world with a marketing campaign that sells it. Tango has been a feeling that is danced by milongueros in the milongas since they were teenagers during the 1950s. We will never see another generation of personal styles of tango in the milongas.

  3. Chris Says:

    Janis wrote: “all about the look and nothing about feeling

    This is inevitable, given the mode of judging. The dancers are judged by look, not feel. It’s like a wine competition in which the judges don’t taste the wine.

    I wonder if there is anywhere a competition of social tango dance in which the judging is done by actually dancing with the entrants.

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