Festival and World Cup 2013


Tango Buenos Aires Festival always promises diversity with new repertoires, historical figures, and research projects presented in different neighborhoods of the city.  Once again this year Centro de Exposiciones in Recoleta and Usina del Arte in La Boca are the primary venues.

Friends from the USA wanted to attend concerts with me.  The first was the world premiere of Millennium Tango Concerta workin-progress featuring Electrocutango, a sextet consisting of piano, violin, string bass, bandoneon, electric guitar, and percussion, directed by Sverre Indris Joner.  They played a variety of styles of original music from blues to jazz.  The idea, choreography and direction is by Pablo Veron, who returned after a long absence from Buenos Aires .  It was no surprise that he included a solo tap improvisation where he really shines as a dancer, more than tango. I thought of the late and great American tap artist Gregory Hines.  His partner is Alejandra Gutty, a seasoned tango performer.  She managed to release her dress hem quickly from her shoe heel.  Veron has a new look — dreadlocks.  I don’t know how Alejandra could put her face next to his unwashed dreadlocks, and I felt sorry for her in that situation.  This is a multimedia show including video projection by Christian Archambeau.  It’s not really tango, but we enjoyed it for what it was.

After a brief intermission to reset the stage, we heard a concert by Ramiro Gallo and Orquesta Arquetipica.  Ramiro was a member of the first group of musicians in the Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce.  As violinist, composer, arranger, and director, he formed this orquesta in 2008 to present original compositions.  This concert presented compositions for the first album Arte popular, which includes Ariel Ardit, Leopoldo Federico, Lidia Borda, and Victor Lavallen.  They are getting ready for their first tour in the country.  Ramiro’s wife Lucia Ramirez is first bandoneon.  They were outstanding.

The next group was Vale Tango, formed almost fifteen years ago by pianist and director Andres Linetzky.  They presented their new album Las Huellas en el mar, recorded in France, featuring compositions by Linetzky.  I had chills up my spine during the performance of Volver with singer Marcelo Costa.

Today has another bounty of concerts at Usina del Arte.  I’ll be on my way soon.



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