Tango elbow?

I read about tennis elbow, but is it possible to have tango elbow?

I don’t know.  Several months ago I started noticing a slight pain in the bone near my right elbow every morning.  It’s not so bad that I can’t use my arm normally, especially for dancing.  It’s just a bit annoying.  The arthritis I’ve had many years in my fingers doesn’t bother me at all.  This tango elbow does.

Am I dancing tango too much?  Lo de Celia, three times week, about five tandas a night.



9 Responses to “Tango elbow?”

  1. Blake Says:

    Sounds like a repetitive stress injury to me.

  2. Janet Rieck Says:

    It is tension related. Try to relax your elbow and lower arm when you dance. If your partner is griping your hand, tell him to stop. You will have to concentrate on this…it is a bad habit that creeps into everyone who dances tango for a long time. Tension…it is usually the source of many problems.

  3. Geoff Nicholls Says:

    It doesn’t sound like a lot of dancing, though, Janis. And you only dance with men that treat you well, I think?
    Maybe your cat is sleeping on it?

  4. Chris Says:

    Janet wrote: “If your partner is griping your hand, tell him to stop. You will have to concentrate on this…it is a bad habit that creeps into everyone who dances tango for a long time.

    Hand-gripping absolutely does not creep into “everyone who dances tango for a long time”. In fact, quite the opposite. I do see hand-grippers, but most are class students struggling in an open hold to do steps than cause them tension. These victims dance and have danced for relative little time.

  5. Janet Rieck Says:

    Seriously. I thought about it a little more. If you let your arm hang naturally, your hand will be in line with your arm normally. If you raise your arm to dance and your partner turns your hand out of that position, then there is stress…if he grips it harder…there is more stress. I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. I think whomever you are dancing with may be turning your hand in a way that is causing you stress. Try letting go of his hand if you feel that and then putting in back. He should get it if you do that and it will lessen the stress. You have to do something or it will get worse. Try that. I think it will help…give it a few weeks. If it is still painful, have a physical therapist look at it.

  6. Janet Rieck Says:

    No, it doesn’t with everyone…not what I meant. But when it does, it can cause problems like what Janis is experiencing. But, we are not doctors. She should go to a doctor to find out what it really is. By the way, it happens with people who have danced for years…hate to break that bubble. But you can do something about it at least.

  7. Alan Jones Says:

    I hope you can recover quickly, Janis, as we know how much your dancing means to you.

  8. jantango Says:

    I changed my diet to whole food plant-based over the past year, totally eliminating flour, sugar, and all animal products. Today I realized I can’t remember the last time I felt pain in the bone.

  9. Felicity Says:

    I regularly see blame or criticism or the cause of a problem levelled, almost automatically, at other groups, people or styles in the tango dance world. It is refreshing to hear about an impersonal, possibly biological cause instead.

    I am glad you are feeling better Janis.

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