A treasure trove of manuscripts

Argentino Galván, Julian Plaza, Ismael Spitalnik, Astor Piazzolla, and others arranged tangos for Aníbal Troilo’s orquesta tipica in the 1940s.  Original manuscripts for 489 arrangements were recently discovered and digitized.  Scores were scanned to safeguard the original manuscripts.  This was done in preparation for the Troilo Centennial in 2014.  Students and graduates of the School of Popular Music of Avellaneda rehearsed some of those arrangements for a free concert on August 17 at 19 hs, under the direction of Juan Carlos Cuacci, as part of the Festival Buenos Aires Tango.  Do not miss this tribute concert to Troilo which will include: Lautaro Greco, Nicholas and James Segret Erlich (bandoneon), Pablo Agri, William Rubino, Christine Brebes, Ahram Kim and Mayumi Urgino (violins); Clara Nardozza (viola); Paula Pomeraniec (violoncello ), Juan Pablo Navarro (bass), Emiliano Greco (piano).


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