The fury of the tango and the dance

This was last night’s production by Oscar Hector Malagrino at Salon Sur in Pompeya.  They are marathon evenings with a big agenda and always something very special.  I arrived shortly after the doors opened at 20,30 hs.  The music and dancing continued until 3 in the morning.


We watched films of Juan D’Arienzo and his orchestra with Alberto Echague on the screens.



Orquesta Tipica Sans Souci with singer Chino Laborde performed during the last hour recreating the style of Miguel Calo and Osmar Maderna (pianist with Calo).


There was music for dancing from 21 hs until 3 hs.  The city senior tango champions of 2008-2013 performed during the evening.


The special appearance was Hector De Rosas, former singer of Osmar Maderna, Jose Basso, and Astor Piazzolla, among others.  He performed the Maderna/Esposito vals  Pequeña which he recorded July 21, 1949.


I joined my friends Teresa Funes and Beto Ayala for the evening.  Beto and Haydee Malagrino danced.


I won’t miss Oscar Hector’s next production.  He rented the former Confiteria Mi Club on Suipacha near Tucuman for a Night of Carlos Di Sarli.  This was the last place Di Sarli performed with his orquesta in 1959.  He hired Orquesta Tipica Gente de Tango with singer Hector Moran who masterfully recreate the Di Sarli style.  Milongueros will dance.  The date is Sunday, August 4 from 19-1,30 hs. at Suipacha 582.  Advance tickets are 40 pesos, 50 pesos at the door. Reservations: 15-5098 3753


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