Milonga review: Milongueando en el 40

This milonga opened May 1, 2013 (and closed on December 4, 2013), in the new Obelisco Tango on Avenida Entre Rios.  Three milongueros viejos — Miguel Angel Balbi, Carlos Greco, and Ricardo Franquelo — are hosts.  The original opening time was 18 hs, but that was eventually changed to 21 hs to 2 hs.  I attended July 17 for two hours.

DSCN5117 view from the DJ booth

Sound system:  No matter how good the quality of speakers, the sound is poor.  It reverberates off the brick walls, and the ceiling doesn’t help.  Conversation at the tables overpowers the music.

Deejay:  Carlos Rey

Entrada: 40 pesos

Seating: Women are on the right, men on the left side of the floor, with couples in the rear.  The metal chairs are very uncomfortable.

Dance floor:  The laminated floor was showing signs of wear after only one month of use.  There is no telling how long it will hold up with milongas six days a week.

Dancers: There are probably more milongueros viejos here than at any other milonga in Buenos Aires.  Ricardo Suarez, Ricardo Maceiras, Roberto Bonavato, Ernesto Hector Garcia, Carlos Alcon, Pedro Sanchez, Roberto Peralta, among others.  Teachers: Myriam Pincen, Enriqueta Kleinman, Raul Cabral, and Ricardo Bellozo.

Stella Maris Vestillero

I arrived around midnight after attending a performance of Chantecler Tango.  Stella Maris (who ran a milonga at Club Bailable Juvenil) collects the entrada and checks coats.  I waited inside the curtain for someone to greet me, but no one came to take my ticket and escort me to a table.  I had to find a place myself and two milongueras invited me to their table; Rosa celebrated her birthday.


Miguel Angel Balbi announced all the milongas at Obelisco Tango and sang two tangos.  The highlight of the night for me was dancing with Johnny of Lo de Celia for the first time.



One Response to “Milonga review: Milongueando en el 40”

  1. Evaldas Says:

    familiar people, familiar venue. Good luck for Obelisco tango!

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