Chantecler Tango


Chantecler Tango is back for another engagement in Teatro Presidente Alvear on Corrientes until August 18.  Don’t miss it.   Another option is Le Théâtre du Châtelet de Paris (October 9-November 3) where Tango Argentino premiered on November 10, 1983.



These are the first photographs I’ve seen of the exterior and interior of Chantecler.


I bought tickets for the Wednesday performance even though Mora Godoy’s replacement was going to perform.  As it turned out, Mora danced the July 17th performance, and she was spectacular as always with a brilliant cast of dancers.  I like to sit in the third row center of the balcony to see everything that’s going on.  The cast has new wardrobe for the finale.  This is musical theater at its best.  Get ready Broadway!

This is a synopsis of the story:  The magical nights of Chantecler, the most important and luxurious cabaret in Buenos Aires in the 1940’s, are recreated through a story what passes between the present and the past.  In the beginning, a young man who worked the cabaret is seeing it with the seller of an estate and the night watchman.   Suddenly the room magically comes back to life and returns to its time of glory. And that watchman of many years is none other than the entertainer Angel Sanchez Carreno, better known as The Cuban Prince, who evokes the unforgettable evenings of Chantecler; characters like Rithana, the star dancer who surrendered at his feet, tragedies, intrigues and passions.

The old Chantecler reappears and then several parallel stories unfold in a constant flow of time and characters, including tango’s golden years and the present life of Angel today, the sale of the premises and its new destiny; Rithana and her relations with the chief of police and the cabaret singer; the director of the orchestra, his wife and her lover. Great tangos of the 1940s – mainly Juan D’Arienzo, jazz of the era and original music composed by Gerardo Gardelin form the framework for Chantecler Tango.

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