He said, she said

He:  Do you like pizza?

She:  Yes.

He:  Would you like to have pizza with me?

She:  I have a commitment later.

He:   I won’t repeat my invitation.

She:  Oh.

He:  No one dances like I do.  And no one f…. like I do, either.


3 Responses to “He said, she said”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    And, it’s a shame, too many think like you do though…

    – a fellow, but very different, milonguero….

  2. Blake Says:

    Besides being an Argentine loon stoned on meth, I like how he outright equates pizza with “f.” So pizza is the new coffee?

    As always, love your He Said, she said posts. Thanks for’em.

  3. Lewis Katz Says:


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