Do you have a reservation?

Tenes una reserva?  That’s what you’ll be asked when you enter a milonga in Buenos Aires.  Regular attendees have their reserved tables, and those who call or write ahead for a reservation.

I’ll admit that on the rare occasion I go to various milongas, I don’t call ahead.  But I’ve started doing so.  When visitors let me know their plans, I contact the organizer to arrange for a table with their names.  That way, they are given preferential seating and less likely hidden in the back corner.

There is only one milonga where I have a reserved table — Lo de Celia.  I’ve sat at Table #11 near the bar for five years.  Reservations are held for one hour from opening time.  If I don’t attend on a certain day, I let the hostess know by text message.  Otherwise, I have my reserved seat.

Thanks to the online guide Hoy Milonga, there is a complete list of all the milongas by day with all the details.  Tango visitors don’t have to get the tango magazines for current information.  The guide includes contact information for reservations.  It’s as simple as sending an email or text message to the organizer several  hours in advance.  It’s important to explain if the reservation is for a single woman (mujer), two women (dos mujeres), a single man (hombre) or a couple (pareja).  You will receive confirmation from the organizer.  When you arrive at the milonga, tell the host you have a “reserva” with your name(s).  The organizers will know you the next time you attend their milonga.  And that means preferential seating.

I sent a text message to Elsa on Friday afternoon for her milonga in Plaza Bohemia.  I knew she would not recognize the name “Jamie” as a man’s.  I sent the following text message to explain I was making a reservation for myself and a man from Hong Kong.  She called to ask if we wanted to be seated together or separately.

Reserva Pichi y un hombre joven de Hong Kong

I also sent an email for two visitors who planned to attend El Maipu last Monday:

Dos hombres para hoy —
Jamie Lin (22) de Hong Kong  (no habla Castellano)
Evaldas de Lituania

4 Responses to “Do you have a reservation?”

  1. Carol Conway Says:

    Thanks for letting me know….

  2. Michael Doyle Says:


  3. lina Says:

    great page, thanks. I will be using this when I come in august.

  4. Geoff Nicholls Says:

    Thanks, Janis!

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