He came for the Wednesday evening milonga at Lo de Celia Tango Club.  He was alone and didn’t dance.  I know that others were curious about him as I was.  Who is he and why did he come to the milonga?

Then I noticed him on the floor dancing to Di Sarli.  Look, Isabel, he can dance!  I opened my purse and took out my camera to record this newcomer dancing with Giovanna.  After the second tango, I talked to them on the edge of the floor.  Giovanna was trying to tell him he danced well, but he didn’t understand her.  He asked me, do you speak English?  They continued dancing the tanda, and I continued filming.

Later I went to his table to talk.  Jamie Lin (22, but everyone thought he was 16) arrived two days ago in Buenos Aires on his first visit from Hong Kong.  He learned the importance of observing the dancing, so that’s exactly what he did for hours.  He began learning tango only nine months ago and reads this blog.  He listens to tango music 12 hours a day and recognizes the orchestras.

Sonia wanted to dance the last tanda of the night with him, and he obliged.  The milongueras are so gracious in helping newcomers gain experience.  We danced La Cumparsita that night in Lo de Celia.

I have great expectations for this milonguero-in-training.

DSCN5098 Jamie with Ricardo (El Chino) Ponce

I asked El Chino Perico if he would allow me to take a photo with Jamie.  He replied, of course, he’s my son!


In ten days, he attended these milongas: Cachirulo in El Beso, Porteno y Bailarin, El Arranque in Nuevo Salon La Argentina, La Cachila in Club Gricel, Milonga de los Consagrados in Centro Region Leonesa, Nuevo Chique in Casa de Galicia, Milonga de BsAs in Obelisco Tango, Confiteria Ideal, El Maipu in La Nacional, Parakultural  in Salon Canning, A Puro Tango in Salon Canning, Soho Tango in Villa Malcolm, and his favorite Lo de Celia Tango Club (five times).


He didn’t want to leave Buenos Aires without saying goodbye to his favorite deejay Dany Borelli.  We stopped by Obelisco Tango after Lo de Celia to see him.

DSCN5105 Jamie Lin & Elsa Amodio (Plaza Bohemia DSCN5111 - Adriana Lamas & Jamie Lin


Thoughts from a milonguero-in-training:

Connection with the music and the partner are the two most important things as I see it, while connecting to different partners in different music makes tango ever enjoyable. Hence the tango is always in the milongas, never on the stage.

Tango is strictly between the two people dancing, and the only person to judge your dance is the one in your embrace. That’s why it is a social dance.

It’s not a good idea to go just for the sake of going without a proper dancing mood, and I consider it a disrespect to the milonga too.





2 Responses to “Milonguero-in-training”

  1. Lewis Katz Says:

    what a great story!

  2. jantango Says:

    And the best thing is he’s not spending his time taking classes. He is here to dance!

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