Festival and World Cup 2013

The festival started out during the summer for portenos; it’s turned into a festival to attract tourism in winter.  The tango championship began as a friendly competition among dancers from the milongas; it has turned into a world-wide competition.  That’s progress, or rather, tango business in Buenos Aires.  Tax dollars and sponsors pay for all of it.

The city dance championship  concluded on Sunday.  Some international and regional competitions were held, and others take place in June and July.  Each sends its representatives to the World Cup finals in Buenos Aires.

The World Cup 2013 will have a division for the over-60 dancers.  That will be a competition of social dancers.  They’re the ones who have kept tango alive as a social dance.  If it wasn’t for them, the young wouldn’t be so interested in tango today.

Last year was the first time in the history of the championships that the public saw scores.  They appeared during the announcement of semifinalists, but I highly doubt we saw the true scores.  When they display the scores after each round or performance (as they are in Olympic skating, for example), I will believe they are the real scores from the judges.  Until then, we can assume they are artificial scores determined by a committee that decides the ranking and who deserves the championship titles.  The rules have always stated that the judges select the champions; winning has nothing to do with scores.

We can expect to see couples from China and Russia in the top five finalists.  This is the first year these two countries have organized regional competitions for the World Cup.  If the city does what they did last year, the world will be able to see the finals online from Luna Park.


3 Responses to “Festival and World Cup 2013”

  1. Chris Says:

    I see the Tango de Salón categories are this year renamed Tango de Pista … perhaps referring to the pista de circo 🙂

  2. jantango Says:

    I wonder why the change was made, and the English translation is still tango salon. Do you suppose they want us to believe that it’s social dancing and not exhibition dancing? The tango de pista champions were doing exhibitions before the competition, not social dancing in the milongas.

  3. Chris Says:

    Janis wrote: “I wonder why the change was made

    They’ve noticed the term tango de salón has been hijacked by teachers of tango de workshop?

    and the English translation is still tango salon

    Tango de pista is a tricky one to translate. But for this particular context, they should just add -ke to the end.

    🙂 🙂

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