Music appreciation

I fell in love thirteen years ago with Raúl Berón.  With his voice, that is.  I asked my partner for the tanda, who is singing?    When I decided to learn the lyrics of a tango, I chose Al compás del corazón which Berón recorded with Miguel Caló in 1942.

First I printed the lyrics and asked a milonguero to explain them to me.  I knew I could appreciate a tango more by understanding the lyrics.  I listened to the recording over and over for months, trying to memorize the lyrics.  I finally succeeded.

Whenever the deejay programs this tango, I remember my love affair with Raúl Berón.  He made me want to appreciate tango more.

Last Wednesday I danced the Caló tanda with Alberto Barcezat at Lo de Celia which included Al compás del corazón.   Later in the evening, the Di Sarli tanda included Al compás del corazón with Alberto Podesta with both verses.  I thanked Dany Borelli and told him it was a very special tango for me.  He remarked that he usually does not repeat a tango.

Understanding lyrics only enriches our appreciation for the music as dancers.


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