Milonga review: A Puro Tango

For more than 30 years, Dario Rodriguez has organized milongas at Salon Canning in Palermo.  They are held Wednesday (16-23 hs), Saturday (23-4,30 hs) and Sunday (18-24 hs).  I attended the milonga on Sunday evening from 19-22,30 hs.  Noemi, an employee for 24 years, collects the entradas and checks coats.

Floor:  The surface is as smooth as butter.  With classes and milongas every day of the week, this beautiful wood floor takes a beating.

Sound system:  Speakers hang over the dance floor for sound where it needs to be.  Level was perfect.

Deejay:  Mario Orlando, probably the most experienced in Buenos Aires.

Entrada: 35 pesos

Seating: All seating is arranged facing the dance floor as it should be for a milonga. Aisles between the tables allow easy access to the dance floor.  There is no bad table at this milonga.  The milongueros viejos (Blas Vamonde, Jorge Orellana, Jesus Jose Carmayo, Roberto Peralta) have their reserved tables in the front row.

Dancers:  Mostly local dancers (60+ years) with a few foreign visitors.

Waiters:  They escort you to a table.  Our waitress checked first on a reserved table.  We sat in the second row near the bar and deejay booth.  Attentive, cordial service.

When I invited a friend to join me, she remarked that she was never invited to dance in Salon Canning.  I asked which days of the week she went, and that explained it.  This was her first time attending the Sunday milonga when she danced many tandas.

The floor was extremely crowded at 20,30 hs for a D’Arienzo tanda.  The outer ronda hardly moved, and we progressed only half-way around the floor during the tanda.  If you like taking long steps, this is not the milonga for you.


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