No more double-headers

There was a time when I went to two milongas on the same day — a double-header.  For example, Friday was Club Caribbean (2 pesos) in the evening and Club Gricel (5 pesos) at night until 5:00 in the morning.  Thursday was either Pavadita or El Arranque (3 pesos)  in the afternoon and then Nino Bien (5 pesos) at night. Wednesday was Salon Canning (5 pesos) in the evening and Lo de Celia at night (3 pesos).  Those were the days when taxi rides were cheap and a bottle of water was 2 pesos.  Pesos went further, and we were all 12 years younger to dance all day and night, several days a week.

Last night a girlfriend and I spent three hours at Lo de Celia.  On our way home, we decided to stop at Obelisco Tango to see the place.  We had no intention of staying.  Milongueando en El 40 hosted by Miguel Angel Balbi, Carlos Greco and Tito Franquelo opened last night.  The entrada is 40 pesos.  We danced enough at Lo de Celia to call it a night.  I recalled when a double-header was normal for me.  Not anymore.

I know dancers who take taxis to and from a milonga, pay the entrada, drink and eat.  By the end of the night they’ve spent 150 pesos or more.

The cost of dancing in the milongas is still a reasonable price even for locals; it’s a real bargain for foreigners who exchange dollars or Euros for pesos. The retired locals may not go to the milongas as often as they used to, but they still enjoy tango.


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