Pepito Avellaneda

The home page of Todo Tango reminded me today about Pepito Avellaneda (October 30, 1930 – April 29, 1996).   Below are some of my photographs with Pepito when he participated in the First International Tango Congress at Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois in June 1995.

Maria Bastone and Pepito Avellaneda

Ike Danel, Miguel Angel Zotto, Juan Carlos Copes, PepitoDSCN4971 June 1995 Evanston, Illinois DSCN4975Suzuki, Jantango, Pepito (Northwestern Univ. June 1995)Pepito's work visa for the USA

A few months before the Congress, I was frantically learning how to apply for work permits and P-3 visas for the teachers.  Pepito and Suzuki  went to the consulate in Paris for their visas.  In the meantime, Northwestern had processed applications for J-1 visas to work at a university.  I learned after the fact that Pepito had a work visa in his passport good for five years.  He did not get the opportunity to use it in 1996.


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