Cumbre de tango

Today is first anniversary of Cumbre de tango.  Juan Jose Piccini, Carlos “Chino” Fanel, and Tito Aquino collaborate each Sunday morning on their radio program to bring the best tango recordings to their worldwide audience via internet.  They have introduced me to many excellent recordings I might never have heard without this program.  It’s always  a pleasure to stop by the studio on Avenida de Mayo on Sunday morning to join them for the live broadcast.

Usually one of them is in charge of the playlist each Sunday for two hours.  Today, for the anniversary, each  is contributing a part of the program.

Tito Aquino’s playlist is: El engobiao – Alfredo Gobbi / Nostálgico – Aníbal Troilo / Del 1 al 5  Horacio Salgan / El Taita – Fulvio Salamanca / Don pacifico –  Juan  D Arienzo / Para florearse -Francisco Rotundo / Que podrán decir – Ricardo Tanturi with Alberto Castillo / Y todavía te quiero – Héctor Varela with Rodolfo Lesica / El milagro – Anibal Troilo with Edmundo Rivero

Chino Fanel’s playlist is: La biandunga – Osvaldo Pugliese / El gurí – Francini-Pontier  /  Sencillo pero vistoso – Edgardo Donato / Café Dominguez – Angel Vargas / Indio manso – Carlos Di Sarli / Fraternal,  Sin vuelta de hoja – Alfredo Gobbi / Sin aliento – Alfredo De Angelis / Equipaje – Anibal Troilo with Floreal Ruiz.

Juan Jose Piccini’s playlist is: Lagrimas – Edgardo Donato with Horacio Lagos / Ciego – Francisco Canaro with Roberto Maida / Incertidumbre – Tipica Victor with Angel Vargas / Si la llegaran a ver –  Juan D’Arienzo with Hector Maure / El Yaguaron – Rodolfo Biagi / Flor de fango – Osvaldo Pugliese / La llamó silvando – Horacio Salgan / En la buena y en la mala – Enrique Rodriguez with Armando Moreno / Porteño y Bailarín – Carlos Di Sarli with Jorge Durán

The live ustream on Mundo Sur FM is 10:00am-12:00pm BA time; the audio repeat is at 8:00-10:00pm BA time.

Tito, Carlos & Pichi - first anniversary of Cumbre de Tango April 28, 2013 - one year of Cumbre de Tango on Mundo Sur FM

I learn interesting details during our conversations in the studio.  Del 1 a 5 is really entitled Dia del Pago, referring to pay day which takes place from the 1st to the 5th of the month.  Sin aliento by De Angeles was composed by his daughter Isabel.

The director of Mundo Sur FM was pleased to report to Carlos about the large listening audience for the audio repeat.  Thanks to all who tuned in Europe for the morning program and in North America for the audio repeat.  The anniversary program was very special for us.

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