Tango in China

Officials of Beijing and Buenos Aires signed an important cultural agreement.  The minister of culture of the city of Buenos Aires and the cultural advisor at the Embassy of the Republic of China in Argentina designated Beijing as a regional site for the Mundial de Tango 2013.  This includes the dissemination of the dance, its poetry and music of Argentina.

The news was announced at the Casa de la Cultura in Buenos Aires with the presence of the business and political adviser Zhu Jingyang, and the economic adviser Yeng Shidi.  The minister of culture Lombardi said, it is an immense pleasure to have the participation of Beijing as a regional venue for the Mundial de Tango 2013.  I am sure that this agreement is the beginning of an exchange of many cultural activities between our two cities.  The competition in Beijing will be held May 31 and June 1-2, at the end of a series of photographic exhibitions, dance shows and concerts in Beijing.

This is the first time tango dancers from China will take part in the Mundial de Tango.  This is a preview what to expect from Beijing.  Jia Lin and Peng Danyang are the salon champions in Beijing, but there are no videos of them, only a few rounds.


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