Milonga review: La Cachila in Club Gricel

This milonga (named for a tango by Eduardo Arolas) runs on Thursday at Club Gricel in the neighborhood of San Cristobal.  It’s organized by Juan Lencina and Daniel Rezk.  I attended March 28 before a Friday holiday.  The attendance was over capacity with men standing in front of the bar.

Floor:  A suspended pine floor of 110 m2 that is painstakingly maintained in its old age.  It’s doubtful that the owner Hector Chidichimo ever will replace this gem.

Sound system:  Two large speakers hang over both ends of the rectangular floor.  Sound level and music were excellent.

Entrada: 35 pesos

Seating:  Arranged more like a club de barrio than a city milonga.  Tables are for four or six people often with men and women seated at adjacent tables.  Chairs are not arranged facing the dance floor.

I didn’t have a reservation and sat in the back corner in front of the bar.  Most of the chairs in Gricel need repair or replacements.  I sat uncomfortably for more than three hours on a metal tube chair with no back support. At least the company of women at the table made up for it.  I danced two tandas with two favorite partners and then called it a night.  It got so hot in the back corner where there was no air circulation whatsoever.  The fans over the dance floor and air-conditioning units on the wall didn’t help.

The best seating is just inside the door. I sat there when I took Alito in 2011.   The regulars have their reserved tables.  I don’t know why they were letting more people in that night after reaching capacity.  A surprise visit by an inspector could have resulted in closure.


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