I heard it through the tango grapevine


I heard several weeks ago about a new tango venue under construction, but it wasn’t until Sunday that I finally found it.  I pass it on my way to Lo de Celia Tango Club.  The shutters are down while work is in progress, but the sign is on the building.  The owners are changing it from a kids’ playground to an adult playground — a milonga.  Obelisco Tango (Entre Rios 1054-56) is only a half block from Lo de Celia.  It will be interesting to see the transformation and who will be organizing the milongas.  Lo de Celia is my second home three days a week, so I’m not going to abandon my favorite milonga after 12 years.

The other news is that the former Cabaret Marabu is going to reopen very soon with a milonga.  It’s a huge space.  Owners will have a challenge filling it.  There aren’t enough dancers for  all the milongas in Buenos Aires.

a peek inside Obelisko Tango

I noticed the door was open on a Wednesday as I was on my way to Lo de Celia,  so I took a peek inside and snapped this photo.  I’ve been told that Obelisco Tango opens April 19.  Cachirulo opens April 20.  The designer came up with this photo wall of tango personalities at the entrance.

Obelisco Tango

The deejay booth is behind the large window in the back corner on the right.  The washrooms are in the back as well (more conveniently located at the entrance of some salons).  All will have to cross the dance floor to get to them.  There are no aisles behind the chairs on either side.  And speaking of the chairs — metal tubing are the most uncomfortable, especially when combined with four-legged tables (center posts are better).  There are four air-conditioning units on the walls, but I can’t see where the speakers are located.

For milonga updates, go to www.hoy-milonga.com  The opening of a new place brings about a shuffle.  Milongas close in one venue to open in another.  Cachirulo closed in Villa Malcolm to open in Obelisco Tango.  Monday organizers at Ideal will close there to open May 20 in Obelisco Tango.

DSCN5117 view from the DJ booth

DSCN5119 the  tanguero commandments on the wall in Obelisco


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