Turistas y portenos

DSCN3599 - Hugo

Tourists come to Buenos Aires to dance with portenos.  Unless they stay months in the city, they usually don’t  get the opportunity to socialize with portenos.  Hugo Diaz has come up with a way for tourists to meet portenos outside the milongas.


Once a month he organizes a party at his historical landmark house in San Telmo and invites  80 people to enjoy a parrilla, conversation, music, and dancing, of course.  This is a great way for foreigners to meet and mingle with locals who enjoy tango.

Parilla at Hugo's house

Bandoneonistas at the party

Hugo Diaz

If you dance with Hugo at a milonga, you may get an invitation.  The next one is April 13!


6 Responses to “Turistas y portenos”

  1. bird Says:

    What a nice idea, a kind of grillparty wiht musik and tango trying to get different people in a familiar way closer to each other. At least giving the oportunitiy to get to know each other.
    Sometimes you need to do only a little bit and things will work out a lot better.
    Hugo Diaz seams to be such a person, willing to do such a little bit.
    Great !

  2. jantango Says:

    The party is lots of work to organize, but he has people helping him. The charge is only 100 pesos per person. Everyone has the opportunity to meet portenos from the milongas. Eventually the house will provide lodging for tango visitors. There are tango classes held there already. The grand plan is for the huge basement to be turned into a milonga for 250 people. The project has begun. I’m very excited about it.

    So ladies, memorize that photo of Hugo. When you see him at a milonga (Lo de Celia, Gricel, and Nuevo Chique), look his way and perhaps he will invite you for a tanda and to one of his great parties.

  3. lina Says:

    that sounds like so much fun! i would love to do more than just exchange the time of day between dances. i will be in Bs.As. august and september this year. i would love to meet up with you a lo de celia. i always have a nice time there, even though i know nobody.

  4. random tango bloke Says:

    I must have been invited to one of the prototypes last year because there were only about 20 or so people and I was the only non Argentinian. It was a wonderful experience to eat , chat and dance with the locals – I felt very privileged to be a part of the evening.

  5. hugo diaz Says:

    Many Thanks for the comments, I hope that someday those who have not had this experience can do so, we meet once a month. The next is on Sunday, May 26. Email below to make a reservation. a hug, Hugo

    subject: lunch May 26

  6. DianaMaria Says:

    Hey, it is always a great party! More food and wine that you could ever consume, great company, and a real “Argentine experience.”
    Having been there for the first one, and several after that, it is something that I always look forward to.

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