Cumbre de Tango

My apologies to those who expected to hear the following playlist at the times indicated below.  The station engineer said the program would begin at 23 hs BA time; it didn’t.  More like 23:30 when it has been replayed at 22 hs for the past few months.  The program is from another week.  I do not know why the Sunday program was not replayed.  Technical problems abound with this station. 

Carlos Fanel prepared the playlist in homage to women. Those viewing the live ustream on Sunday saw me dancing Gracias with Tito at 10:20 in the morning. We danced that same tango that night at 21:15 in Lo de Celia. I danced El Romantico with Pichi and Seguime si podes with Carlos. The latter is by Alejandro and Jose Scarpino. Alejandro Scarpino’s son lived in Chicago for a few years and played bandoneon for a dance studio event I organized in 1992.

My favorite tune of this broadcast is Chique` by Brignolo. Stories of 500 Tangos notes the title El Elegante replaced Chique during the censure of 1943 when lunfardo was not allowed. Juan Carlos Fernandez Diaz added lyrics, but it is usually heard as an instrumental. This one by Eduardo del Piano is outstanding among other recordings by Maffia, Canaro, Troilo, Maderna, Pugliese, Piazzolla, Nuevo Tango, and Francini-Pontier.

Ricardo Tanturi with Elsa Rivas
01 Muriendome de amor (M. Sucher – C. Bahr)

Hector Varela with A. Ledesma
02 Y no te voy a llorar (L. Leocata – A. Aznar)
03 Un remordimiento (F. Rotundo – R. Yiso)
04 El africano (E. G. Peralta)

Carlos Di Sarli
05 Gracias (Jorge Duran) (E. Randal – C. Bahr)
06 lloran las campanas (Alberto Podesta) (Villanueva – O. Rubens)

Alfredo De Angelis
07 Pavadita (A. Aieta)
08 Sonar y nada mas (Martel-Dante) (F. Canaro I. Pelay)
09 Tu corazon (Dante) (D. Raciatti – E. Soriano)

10 Chique – Eduardo del Piano (R. L. Brignolo) *****
11 Tu olvido – E. del Piano, H de Rosas-Bustos (V. Spina) vals
12 Un pasaje de mi vida – Domingo Federico, Carlos Vidal (L.Rubinstein)
13 Tango argentino – D. Federico, M Bustos (J. Maglio-A.Bisgueschi)

14 Poema por mi madre – Francisco Rotundo, Jorge Duran (vals)
15 Contame una historia – Ruben Juarez (Eladia Blazquez)
16 El Recodo – Armando Pontier (A. Junissi – A. Tagini)

Osvaldo Pugliese
17 Y volvemos a queremos – Alberto Moran (L. Leocata – A. Aznar)
18 Pastoral (Jorge Caldara)
19 De floreo (J. Carrasco)
20 Verano porteno (A. Piazzolla)

Horacio Salgan
21 Recuerdo (O. Pugliese) *****
22 Don Goyo (Luis Bernstein)

Juan D’Arienzo
23 El romantico
24 Seguime si podes (Alejandro y Jose Scarpino)

25 Contratiempo (A. Piazzolla))
26 A la guardia vieja (Armando Pontier)

The playlists posted are not compiled as tandas for a milonga, but rather  favorite tunes that the milongueros want to hear at milongas.


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