The awful embrace syndrome

DSCN4686- awkward arns

That’s what a commenter to this blog called it.  These photos show the worst.

DSCN4686- awkward arns


I cringe watching these women dance, and I can’t imagine they are comfortable. The women, from Italy and France, spend months in Buenos Aires. They stand out in a crowd. One day recently I found the two of them at the same milonga.

A hug is natural and comfortable, not forced or awkward. Try what they do and feel how unnatural it is. It takes an effort. I wonder how their partners feel. It would be no surprise if the women have or develop shoulder or neck pain.

This gives the impression that tango is about the look for these women, both wearing large rings on the left hand.


One Response to “The awful embrace syndrome”

  1. Evaldas Says:

    I agree with you completely! Unfortunately this kind of hold is more and more common, at least in Europe… It is a mystery to me why they do it.

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