Cumbre de Tango


Just when you think everything that could go wrong during a live radio broadcast ( internet, webcam or computer malfunction) has gone wrong, something else happens. That was the case on Sunday when Pichi’s pen drive with the program playlist did not work. A December program with a couple from Bariloche played for the first hour. Carlitos Fanel Jr.arrived at 11 hs to figure out the problem of viruses on the pen drive, and we were back in business at 11:15. The following is the playlist for the second half of the program.

Angel D’Agostino with Angel Vargas
01 – Dice el refran (D’Agostino – E. Cadicamo)
02 – Menta y cedron (O. Hrona – Atagini)
03 – No vendra (E. Cadicamo)

Osvaldo Pugliese
04 – Tiny (Pedro Maffia) 1945
05 – Vayan saliendo (Donato – Velich) 1946
06 – N.N. (Osvaldo Ruggiero) 1947

Carlos Di Sarli
07 – Indio manso (Hector Quesada)
08 – Una fija (Angel Villoldo – A Polito)
09 – El abrojo (Agustin Bardi)

Francisco Lomuto with Jorge Omar
10 – Nostalgias (E. Cadicamo – JC Cobian)
11 – La melodia de nuestro adios (Santiago/Diccico)
12 – Por la vuelta (E. Cadicamo – J. Tinelli)

Ricardo Tanturi with Enrique Campos
13 – Encuentro (Miguel Bucino)
14 – En el salon (Berrero – Diaz Velez)
15 – Seis dias (Lucher – Bahr)

Hear the repeat broadcast of Cumbre de Tango tonight, February 12 at — 8:00 EDT, 7:00 CDT, 6:00 MDT, 5:00 PDT.  The February 3 program was replayed instead.  

Pichi reads a lunfardo poem Humos de bailarin (A Dancer’s vanity). You won’t understand it unless you grew up in Buenos Aires. I had to look up words in a lunfardo dictionary.

chichipio: silly, stupid
berretin: strong desire
dique: vain, arrogant
ronga: free of charge
karateca:  Karate


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