The Russians are coming

I received a message in December from an executive producer of an educational/travel television station in Moscow about filming a documentary in Buenos Aires. She wanted to interview a milonguero. I asked Pedro Sanchez if he wanted to participate, and he did.  We set the date for February 6.

Alex is new to tango. He goes to Buenos Aires to learn about the history of tango from a milonguero. They go to a milonga where he learns about the codes. They shot segments at Pedro’s house and Lo de Celia.


Igor, the director, talks with Pedro about the scene they will shoot. There was no language barrier — the Russians know Spanish and English.


Sergei, the cameraman, was shooting from 20-22 hs. while the milonga continued as usual.


Celia announced that a crew from Russia came to film a documentary, and everyone applauded them.  They were jet lagged, but working.



Pedro Sanchez and Marina Sagomonyan, the executive producer.


After working three hours at Pedro’s house and almost three hours at Celia’s, everyone was hungry. We went to El Espanol  for dinner. The Russians were eager to eat Argentinian beef. Pedro knew what to order, and they were content with their first parrilla in Buenos Aires.


Just what I crave after dinner — chocolate!


You don’t need to understand Russian to enjoy the tango documentary.


One Response to “The Russians are coming”

  1. JJ Says:

    I will note the parrilla at El Espanol. Also looking forward to learning tango from Pedro later this year. Thanks for sharing.

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