Ladies’ choice

I see women accepting invitations in the milongas from any man, even if he is too tall or has no rhythm. I asked one woman in particular why she danced with a very tall man when she is very petite. Her reply was that he dances nicely, but admitted she has neck pain. I asked, how can you enjoy the dance when you are suffering? For some, sitting out is not an option, no matter what the cost.

It is always a ladies’ choice in social dancing. We get to choose when we want to enter an intimate situation and surrender to another for ten minutes.

On a recent Sunday, I decided to take note of how many tandas one woman did not dance. She has a beaming smile that attracts partners. In 3-1/2 hours, she sat for only one tanda of vals and Chacarera. I doubt she would be able to remember all her partners.

I prefer quality over quantity of partners. I learned that if a woman chooses to dance with bad dancers, the best aren’t interested in dancing with her.

On that same recent Sunday, I danced six tandas in four hours (when some dance six tandas in one hour). When I hear the first measures of Carlos Di Sarli, I want to dance with Tito Aquino who loves Di Sarli recordings as much as I do. I don’t usually dance milonga, but a tanda of Francisco Canaro with Jorge De Gouvea is priceless–I learned milonga con traspie dancing with him. I waited patiently for Ismael Heljalil to look my way for the Miguel Calo tanda. There is no one I’d rather dance Calo than Ismael.  The Biaggi milongas with Jorge De Gouvea were spectacular. Julio Alejo is my favorite for jazz. He says no one dances like we do. He doesn’t mind when I need to sing along! And last, but not least, Ricardo Tanturi tangos with Luis Ferre .

I give myself a little test when I return home after a milonga. I try to remember each partner and orchestra that night. I usually can because they were so wonderful, and they were my choice.


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