They don’t know what they’re missing

Young foreign women come to Buenos Aires to dance in the milongas, particularly with milongueros. The tourist circuit of milongas is mainly foreigners, a few milongueros, but no milongueras. They get to see only one half of the dance equation.

Cachirulo, for example, is a traditional setting where Hector Pellozo makes certain all follow the codes and has them posted. His milongas in El Beso and Club Villa Malcolm attract young foreign women and portenos including a few token milongueros. But there are no seasoned milongueras at his milongas. Why? Because the men are there to dance with foreign women, not with milongueras. This means the foreign women rarely get to see a seasoned milonguera dancing with a milonguero. Their social dance examples are young couples doing exhibitions which is nothing like the milonga.

Over the years, I observed the milongueras and learned how to dance in the milonga. They were my example for everything. Thanks to them, the milongueros viejos continued dancing all these years.  It does take two to tango.


3 Responses to “They don’t know what they’re missing”

  1. Carol Conway Says:

    Where in Buenos Aires can you go to watch seasoned milongueras dancing with milongueros?

  2. jantango Says:

    Good question.
    Lo de Celia on Sunday and Wednesday
    Salon Canning on Sunday
    la Yumba de Dorita in Club Oeste on Sunday
    La milonga de Elsita in Plaza Bohemia on Friday

  3. jantango Says:

    There was an excellent level of dancing at Lo de Celia Tango Club (Wednesday, January 30). Around 8:45pm, the tanda was Anibal Troilo. Emilio Lopez Varela danced with Marta Garcia. They were the ones I watched, but could not record them. I told Marta how rare it is these days to see a milonguera dancing with a milonguero. Later they danced the tanda of Rodriguez, and I recorded a tiny part.

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