Milonga review: Milonga de Los Consagrados

Enrique Rosich was the organizer for six years. After his passing three years ago, his children Daniel and Myriam took charge.  It’s held in the ballroom of Centro Region Leonesa that seats about 350.

Although the salon has air-conditioning units mounted on the walls, the ceiling fans are adequate for comfort. Hours are 16,30-23,30 on Saturday. I was there with friends from Mexico on January 5.

Deejay: the best in  Buenos Aires — Daniel Borelli

Floor: Perfect surface. Large rectangular floor allows for two lanes with room in the center.

Sound system: Four speakers hang over the dance floor, but they need replacements for better quality.

Entrada: 30 pesos August 2015 — 60 pesos

Seating: Women on the left in two rows; men on the right; couples in front of the stage. The Thonet chairs are antiques. My friend liked the straight back of the chair, and fortunately the protruding nail on the seat didn’t snag her nylons or dress. We sat in front of the deejay booth where we were able to see the milongueros seated in the first row. There were a few familiar faces from Lo de Celia.

Wait staff: Attentive and friendly.

Myriam has a drawing for champagne and pizza every week, and once a month for a pair of shoes.


2 Responses to “Milonga review: Milonga de Los Consagrados”

  1. JJ Says:

    Thanks for a helpful review. I’m coming to dance in BA this year and hoping to pay a visit to milonga de Los Consagrados, too.

  2. Patricia Says:

    I completely agree with your review, Janis. It’s a friendly, well-run milonga, which would be a great deal better with different musical selections.

    Looking forward to future reviews.

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