The B.A. Tango team

Tito Palumbo has published B.A. Tango — Buenos Aires Tango, the magazine and the guide listing everything to do with tango since March 1995.  Every year he invites all of his collaborators for a year-end dinner to toast for the new year.  I have been included for the past two years for my help in putting the final touches on the English translation.  It’s always nice to connect a face with a name.

Tito Palumbo, editor, writer, interviewer, photographer, ad space salesman, and jack of all trades

Carlos Medrano, writer

Veronica, writer

Roberto Aguierre, writer

Amalia, writer

Nestor Ibanez, cartoonist

Hector, printer

Zulema Varela and Laura Nicastro, writers

I arrived at the Abasto restaurant too early, so I took a walk around the block.  Still there was no one present for the gathering at 8:30, because Argentines don´t hurry.  I sat at one of the tables outside waiting patiently.  It was a cool night, so a few of us decided to sit indoors and wait for the others to arrive.  This little neighborhood restaurant doesn’t impress with its decor, but the food is great.

BA Tango group

The meal consisted of an appetizer, main course, wine, dessert (flan with dulce de leche), pan dulce (fruit cake), and a toast of Sidre (apple cider), more than I eat in a day.  I was stuffed.  We ate and talked for four hours.

You can receive a free subscription to B.A. Tango and news updates by email.  Send a request to and Tito will add you to his mailing list.


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