Henri Nasello

December 16, 1937 —


I often saw Henri in the neighborhood of El Beso and recognized him as a familiar face from the milongas.  It wasn’t until last January when Alito was in the hospital that we started talking about life in the milongas.  Henri lives on Lavalle and has coffee every afternoon on the corner.  He knows Alito since he was young.  Health problems prevent him from dancing, but he goes to the milongas anyway.  Henri was the only milonguero who went to visit Alito in the hospital. 

I asked Henri if he danced at La Pista de Lima organized by Alito in the 1950s.  He said he was too afraid to go there — men checked their guns as we check our coats.  Alito would not  allow him to enter Confiteria Piccadilly.  Henri isn’t hesitant to say that Tete danced more rock ‘n’ roll than tango, as others have confirmed as well. 



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