Dancing with Alito

DSCN4447 owners

It has been a year since Alito and I danced in the milongas.  The owners of the geriatric home had a Christmas party last night for the residents and family members on the patio.  It was a perfect evening with music and dancing.

We practically had to pry Alito out of the chair.  Then the music worked its magic and soon we were dancing foxtrots and tangos.  The entertainment was wonderful with singing by all. 




The residents shared memories which were compiled by the owners and printed in a book for each as a gift.   Alito started reading right away.


We drank a toast of juice for a happy new year and ate sandwiches, empanadas, and cake served by the dedicated staff of women who take care of the residents with a smile.


I wanted to arrive early to shave Alito, but afternoon traffic was slow.  When I arrived, Monica greeted me with the news that Alito was bathed, shaved, and dressed for the party.  She and I did chacarera with the performers.



It was a wonderful party that all enjoyed.  The owners asked if I would sing Jingle Bells for the residents, and I did!


One Response to “Dancing with Alito”

  1. kerstin gaertner Says:

    Simply wonderful! Love to read this. And I danced a tanda with him, 2 or 3 years ago.

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