Ingrained in stone

The sidewalk in front of Confiteria Ideal on Suipacha has the basic step ingrained in stone.  I found it recently and took this photo.  The diagram installed by the city includes a copyright by Hector Mayoral and Elsa Maria Borquez, who performed in Tango Argentino.  I am certain they teach this sequence in their classes.  The back step is not included in the footprints on the sidewalk, but it is part of the sequence that all beginners memorize.

Now we know who takes credit for the sequence which is no part of tango in the milongas of Buenos Aires.  Every first tango class should begin like this showing an improvised and compact dance with this video as required viewing.

How do you memorize a feeling?


One Response to “Ingrained in stone”

  1. Chris Says:

    Interesting to see that the the first actual step is designated #2.

    Which may be a good thing… given that #1 is done simultaneously by all four feet! Does the couple jump on to the dance floor??

    Here’s how Arthur Murray got it right.

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